Beautifully Broken

These past three days have been beautifully broken, being lifted up by family & friends. I am unable to adequately express my gratitude to each person that came, live-streamed & has reached out to share memories. I am certain Nick would have been embarrassed and shocked by all of the attention, but equally so genuinely excited to see everyone. I am so grateful, that despite the craziness of the times, we were able to do all the things that were a must for me. The procession to the cemetery blew me away. I kept looking in the rearview mirror wondering where the line ended, since I never did see it. After the committal the family was able to stay – we watched them lower Nick down into the vault. We watched them secure the vault lid. Then we all had the opportunity to toss dirt. It was important to me that the kids had all the closure they needed. We came home to a wonderful meal waiting for us provided by my basketball families from last year & a very talented caterer.We followed that up with late night fellowship & shenanigans. Just as it should be! Today we celebrated Nick’s feast day – there’s a new saint Nick in town! In addition to the matching family pjs and sweet treats, we set up trees in each of the kids’ rooms, thanks to a lifelong friend from home. It was a good day. Lots of wonderful memories. But still there’s a Nick shaped hole in our hearts. His absence is deeply felt, but the Lord will continue to fill that hole in, and we will keep living, because that’s what Nick would want.

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