But God…

In case anyone was in doubt – satan is real people!

On the way to school this morning ALL the extra warning lights started to flash on the dashboard. I could feel something was wrong. I safely pulled into McDonald’s & turned off the car. I could turn it on but it would not start.

Triple A – busy signal. Insurance agent – office closed. Found a great tow company. A friend picked up the kids, got them to school, came back to pick up Andrew & I, drove to Hertz & waited for us to get a rental.

I needed Nicks member number, but numbers are not great for him. Filled him in & he was working on getting what I needed. Meanwhile, satan was after him too – phone dying, complications getting the info… And my phone was just about dead.

BUT spoiler alert – GOD WINS! Today & everyday!

The battle is real friends. The evil one wanted me frustrated, hopeless, angry. Thankfully I recognized it right away. He’s so predictable! My favorite quote from the festival of praise this weekend: “Fear is just a liar running out of breath!” Remember that! Live fearlessly today friends & cover us in prayer – bc he’s not going to stop. I say, “Well played, but it won’t work!”

For the second pic : My household is Carae Domini – “Beloved of the Master.” I know who I am. Clearly satan does NOT!

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