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We are still at the hospital. Waiting on an MRI. Nick is totally himself and has been all yesterday & today. I feel much better after some sleep & a shower!

We are beyond blessed with AMAZING people in our life who give constant support in all forms – texts, visits, lunch, watching & shuffling kids, subbing for me…… the list of people to thank is endless & I actually feel bad having to tell people who offer help that we already have it covered. How blessed we are!!!! We don’t take this community for granted. And hence we will never leave. 

The puzzle is why platelets dropped. So please pray for wisdom as the team sorts everything out. They really are a wonderful team of doctors & nurses. He will
Likely change units today and that makes me less confident he’s coming home today. 🤞🏻 But always better safe so I trust them.

And not to get sappy, but this time of year can be so busy. My life has become so busy. I realized in the past 2 years I’ve largely lost the ability to have fun in the Moment. The crazy random dance parties in the kitchen, or time to make apple crisp for feast days…. all of it. And with that comes a sort of sorrow, a longing for what was. But our life looks much different now. For months I’ve been trying to rediscover the joy – personally & as a family. It’s not easy. There are so many demands on me & though I’m surrounded with support it still feels like I’m an island sometimes. And Satan’s been working big time chipping away at my hope. But I’m thankful that I can see all
Of these things & am doing the best I can in all the things. I have learned to cut myself a lot of slack. And that hope & joy that have been so strong are slowly being rekindled. But I know others are out there that need to hear this – life can change in an instant, so don’t waste it. Do the fun things, be silly, cut yourself slack. Because in the end when
You look back, is it the clean floor & dustless
Shelves you will remember?! Just saying, be in the moment & love your people. Look at these pictures. 7 years ago Nick was writing about how awesome I was for being ok with him skiing in Utah with his brothers. He was skiing!!! And able to write! 4 years ago we were in Rome. Life changes in an instant. 

Thank you all from the bottom Of my heart! We feel your love, prayers & support. ❤️


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