Health Update

This is a quick update on Nick from Jen.
Nick was not himself after taking meds & heading to bed Sunday night. I called 911 because it was out of the ordinary. He was transported to the hospital around 1am Monday morning and I met him in the ER half an hour later. Within a few hours he improved tremendously and was back to his normal baseline.
Bloodwork showed platelets had dropped and the CT scan showed a small spontaneous bleed.
He’s had two platelet infusions and his numbers are looking good. We are awaiting an MRI. The team is trying to understand why the platelets dropped.
He is in good spirits but ready to go home
where he can actually rest.

I apologize for the complete lack of updates here on my part. I have been struggling with how to best manage the many demands on me. I need to do a quick recap ofSummer for you all.

As always, we are grateful for your love & support!

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