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Tonight, Nick moved 5 doors down, out of ICU & into a step down room. His MRI is stable. Platelets hanging in the 90s. 👍 He will be discharged tomorrow!!
Though I’m not sure they can ever find the true cause of why the platelets were low, we do have a plan that makes sense & we’re comfortable with. The two drugs he’s on now thin blood & when platelets are low, bleeds are a risk. So to avoid all that we just went through, he will be coming off of both.
We will let his body recoup. I’m sure that means another CT scan as an outpatient soon. Ironically we already had an appt scheduled for Thursday for labs & a doctor’s appt. We will keep that!
The next step is a trial drug, that will attack the tumor in a different way than any chemo does. It will attack a particular gene mutation he has! There has been a lot of research lately & they’ve seen great success!! praise God we live in a time when science advances rapidly!!! I’m so grateful.
I’ll be at school tomorrow – because hospital discharges are one of the slowest processes on the planet. So that won’t happen before I’m finished.
Thank you for your prayers!
Nick lit up when he saw the kids! ❤️ Andrew was enjoying the adjustable bed, and though a good little monkey, always very curious! They were all fascinated by the drive feature and the nurses were fabulous sports! Although Nick didn’t need the ICU level of care, he was a delightful patient for those nurses and they will miss him – a light of humor & joy in the midst of a usually very stressful job.

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