No miracle YET…. but it went better than what we feared may happen. Leading up to this MRI there was no doubt we were under attack. We both feared that the tumor would be growing explosively and we would be out of time. Nick feared losing the ability to speak and communicate. I feared what life would look like without him. All of that is normal, but also we recognize that we are not at that point, and therefore the grace for that moment has not been given. Giving in to those fears only feeds into itself and the plans of the evil one. Going in to the appointment today we were both peaceful regardless of the outcome.

Compared to the MRI from three months ago, there is more enhancement. This has been the pattern for the last few MRIs. It is indicative of growth, small growth, but still growth. We discussed a few options but it looks like some form of treatment is in the immediate future. The tumor board will meet and we will learn their recommendations soon. We see our other doctor next week and will hear what he has to say.

Please continue to pray as we will need to discern which step to take next. The way we see it, it just gives God and Blessed Pier Giorgio some extra time to work that miracle! Thank you for your prayers and continued support!

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