Prayer Intentions

  • Mrs

    Please pray for Tom and all those suffering addiction...that they would turn to Christ for freedom.

  • Special intentions

    Please pray for a successful move on Saturday, my future husband and overall peace. I’m always praying for you guys. Thanks

  • For our soldier son

    For continued healing of PTSD for Jamie and in thanksgiving for many blessings for him this past year since his grandma died

  • Mrs.

    For prayers of for healing and reconciliation in the family. Special intentions and the conversion of the family

  • Ms.

    Please pray for an important special intention for someone dear to my heart. Thank you so much for your witness, and for your mission of suffering in love, and praying for us!

  • For Pete

    Please pray for the conversion of Pete and that he also find a job after a long period of unemployment.

  • Prayer for Health

    I would appreciate prayers as I've been having ongoing health issues possibly thyroid related. Have appt with specialist in month and prayer Dr will help figure out underlying problem and find resolution.

  • Prayers for my husband

    Please pray for my husband that he may be healed mind body & soul and that he may have the courage do Gods will all the days of his life.

  • NA

    I would greatly appreciate prayers for our adopted son Nathan. He experienced 7 years of trauma and neglect before joining our family 5 years ago. He is struggling with deep self-loathing and severe behaviors. Our family is being pushed to the limits to help him and love him and our other children are being traumatized by his behaviors. Thank you.

  • Prayer for Healing

    Please pray for our nephew, Daniel, who suffers from alcoholism and mental instability. He refuses to get help and has shut the family out. He has attempted suicide and is very unstable. Please pray for protection for his wife and two young children.

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