The Long Winter Re-Cap & Spring Fever Update

So many times the last few months I have found myself lamenting what seems like the never ending winter. Like young Laura Ingalls, bundled up, braced for the worst, heading straight into the blizzard, trudging along step by step, icicles hanging off her face and all. In reality our winter hasn’t been all that bad; it really only started mid-January. Although relatively short, I have lost count of snow / ice days we’ve had off. #Noschoolwednesdays seemed to be the trend. 

We celebrated a wonderful Christmas at home with family – the first time ever. It felt nice to be snug in our cozy home on Christmas morning. As everyone was starting to leave, Nick lost his balance and ended up in the hospital to usher out 2018 with a pretty nasty abrasion on his face and a small subdural hematoma. He was home in time to ring in the New Year and healed rather quickly. Something we were all grateful for! 

The hematoma was at the location of the tumor so of course speech was affected. It was a significant setback but we kept pushing through. Avastin infusions were paused since it thins the blood and you don’t want to do that with a hematoma. We should be resuming anytime now.

January brought the start of basketball season which is always an exciting time in our house. Sarah (7th grade) is playing for her third season and I am thrilled to be coaching her again. It was the most inconsistent season I’ve ever coached with so many days off, rescheduled games, players out with sickness, missed practices…. But so fun! Our end of season tournament begins this week, just in time for Drama Club to begin.

February was busy with therapy for Nick and I was busy preparing my two junior high Science Olympiad teams. It was also school auction prep time. Our entry was housing loads of vases and Amazon packages arrived every few days. I’m in charge of decorating and absolutely love it!

This year Nick & I were honored with the St. Dominic Award for our support of the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist & the schools. We were honored to be counted among this small yet distinguished group of holy, faithful, joyful disciples. Our parents came from IL and PA. It was a fun night & a very successful fundraiser.

Our mid-winter break was mid-February. We spur of the moment decided to take the older two to Universal in Orlando. This trip was on their bucket list, especially experiencing the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Dear friends watched Andrew for us and we seized every moment of every day. We shut down the park each day! We all had a blast! I was a little curious about navigating these parks with a wheelchair, but I must say, they nailed handicap accessibility. Nick went on every ride except the roller coasters (and the tea cups – but I declined those too!) – not because he couldn’t, but rather because he had no interest. We made wonderful family memories to treasure.

This past weekend we flew to IL to surprise Nick’s dad for his 70th birthday. It was a short but blessed weekend with lots of family, friends & faithful prayer warriors. 

The temps are rising here in MI and based on Andrew’s behavior and that of the K-3rd graders at recess, I can attest to the fact that Spring fever is rampant. We are all desperate for sunshine, warmth & lots of time outdoors! 

We have an MRI scheduled for Sunday. It’s been three months since the last MRI so this is “routine,” if an MRI can ever be considered routine. We meet with our Henry Ford doctor on Monday and our St. Joe’s doctor on Tuesday. It will be a busy few days. I especially ask your prayers. MRIs are always a little stressful. We hold our breath, pray for healing and trust that no matter what, God’s plan is bigger than anything the doctor can say!!! I think the anxiety, fear and stress are completely normal, however Satan always tries to intensify these feelings. AND we’re now in Lent. We expect spiritual attacks. We have seen a worsening in Nick’s speech the last few weeks, and a few other symptoms that are out of the ordinary, so Nick is particularly anxious. Either way it is always better to have the facts. Even if it’s not what we want to hear, it’s nice to be able to make a plan of attack. We will update you as soon as we can. We are so grateful for your prayers and offer up our trials as best we can for you all. 


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