The Whirlwind of May

May has been a whirlwind of festivities! Andrew kicked it off with a bday in late April, then Mother’s Day, my bday & Confirmation, David’s A-day, David’s bday, 8th grade graduation & today the last day of school (except for a zoom tomorrow). We have enjoyed every minute!!

A few weeks ago we received the results of Nick’s MRI. The tumor does appear to be growing again. This is certainly not the news we were wanting but it came on my bday & Confirmation – a day of incredible grace! How awesome that we got this news, that is never easy, on a day where we 100% felt His mercy and love! 

We love our doctor and we have a tentative plan, but we’re asking for your prayers to remove the roadblocks.

There is a very promising drug that is not chemo, but would attack a particular mutation within the tumor. It is approved for use in leukemia (& has seen great success), but not yet approved for brain tumors. The insurance initially denied the request for that reason, which our doctor expected. Today they are submitting additional paperwork, Articles & studies to make the case for a re- review. If it is denied again then we have 2 appeals and may need to change our care plan. The next 24 hours, I’m asking you to storm
Heaven for a miracle. I believe this drug is our best bet, but God knows best & we completely trust in Him! His will be done!

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